Come and spoil Legacy for me before I explode! Thanks!

What we know so far: Edit

  • When probing through Cassius's mind, they find out that he used to be a lot like Keefe.
  • They find out why Keefe's empathy is really powerful. (It's because of Lady Gisela "messing" with Keefe's DNA before his birth)
  • Tam comes back from the Neverseen
  • Sophie finds a new way to teleport without having to fall from the sky- she just has to run really fast
  • Dex, Biana, Stina, Sophie, and Wylie are part of Team Valliant, which was made by the council. They are Regents in the nobility who work with the council and solve problems and complete tasks. They were almost Team Prodigious, which they immediately shut down.
  • Team Valliant goes to the edge of the atmosphere, where the forces of starlight, moonlight, and sunlight are all equal. These are called Sources.
  • Keefe is "asleep" at the end of the book due to an event that happened with his mother, which is causing him to manifest another ability.
  • Sophie carries Keefe to Elwin and is they're at the healing center
  • Dex, Keefe, and Tam don’t die (thank god they don't).
  • Nobody dies!
  • Sophie learns to control her enhancing ability with help from Oralie.
  • Maruca manifests as a psionipath (this leads her to wanting to join the Black Swan, which results with a conflict with Wylie).
  • Amy comes back to get her memory back with Sophie.
  • Sophies inflicting doesn’t work right at first, but at Big Ben, it works.
  • The scene in the endpapers is them eating biscuits and throwing them at each other (???)
  • We learn about Keefe's legacy (in part, at least- nothing's confirmed, it's all speculation
  • Oralie is Sophie's biological mom
  • Sophie and Fitz break up
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